A Pakistani who saved money for 43 years to perform Hajj 2019 dies in Makkah

He saved money for 43 years: Going to Makkah to perform pilgrimage is the dream of every Muslim. It is also considerate that a Muslim can make every possible effort to visit the two grand mosques in Makkah and Madina.

We have often heard that people saved money to perform Hajj but have you ever heard of anyone who saved his savings for more than 40 years to fulfill his wish of performing Hajj? Now the answer will be probably yes.

Viral Picture: A picture of a Pakistani pilgrim is circulating on social media where he is seen lying down. But actually the man is not lying down, the fact is he died in the holy land and in Ihram. Subhan Allah. The story of this Pakistani pilgrim is quite astounding and incredible.

He saved money for 43 years to perform Hajj. 43 years is not a short time. Anyone of us could lose hope in 43 years but this Pakistani did not lose hope and saved money for this long period in an urge to offer Hajj.

He sold his land to perform Hajj: The story further revealed that this pilgrim did not have enough means so that he could perform Hajj. He used to own some land which he sold to his friend and later worked on that land to save money for his Hajj.

The time passed and after the struggle of 43 years, the old man was able to save enough money to perform Hajj. This thing surely brings tears to our eyes. He was found lying on his right side after his soul departed from this world to its creator and Alhamdullilah to say that he died after performing Hajj which was his utmost desire and this thing make everyone proud as well as brings tears in our eyes.

Saudi Authorities could not find his relatives: The sad side of this story is, it is believed that the man was left alone. Authorities are still unable to find his family or any relative. On the other side, it is still unclear in which part of Pakistan he belonged.

The news widely spread everywhere and the people are praising the devotion and motivation shown by this man. People also prayed for his life hereafter. This story has spread worldwide but still, none of his relative or friend contacted to claim his dead body.

His picture brings tears to our eyes and moved the hearts of many. May Allah accept his Hajj and all the struggle he faced grant him higher ranks in Jannah. Ameen.

Source: Life in Saudi Arabia