Makkah Project: A cool way to reduce heat in walkway at holy sites

The Makkah Municipality has implemented a cool project in order to provide some respite to pilgrims at the holy site.

It has begun coating asphalt as a way to reduce heat at the holy sites. The project included in the first stage the coating of the pedestrian road at Mina Gate leading to the Jamarat facility.

The coating was done over a total area of approximately 3,500 m2 to help reduce the road temperature and to serve the pilgrims.

The project, which was carried out in cooperation with the Japanese company SUMITOMO, aims to reduce the surface temperature of the walkway in the Shuaibin area.

The project aims to provide temperature reduction from 15 to 20 degrees Celsius, where temperatures will be recorded every 10 seconds during the season through sensors placed under the asphalt.

On the success of the experiment, Ahmed Manshi, director-general of the holy sites and seasons, said that a questionnaire would be distributed to pilgrims to note their views in order to measure their satisfaction with the project during the Haj season this year.

“We’re coordinating with the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Institute for Haj and Umrah Research to conduct a study on the experience. This would enable us to identify other places where the project can be implemented,” he added.

“There is a possibility of expanding this project to include the yards of the Jamarat facility and covering several pedestrian roads,” Manshi said.

Source: Saudi Gazette