Jannat Al Mu’alla

Not far from The Grand Mosque is the second most famous cemetery in the Islamic world. Jannat Al Mu’alla is where many of the Prophet (PBUH)’s ancestors are buried, notably his mother (Aminah), grandfather (Abdul Muttalib) and first wife (Khadijah). This ancient burial place was respected even before Mohamed (PBUH) was born, and remains so to this day.

Unfortunately, 1925 saw the destruction of many landmarks, including this cemetery. As a result, no domes, tombs or gravestones remain, though small piles of rocks mark where the bodies are interred.

Jannat Al Mu’alla, also called Al Hajun, lies 1km north of the Holy Mosque. It is a 15-minute walk. If driving or taking a taxi, the route is 9km but takes about the same amount of time.

A long white wall surrounds the site. As there are no longer any identification markers, most people simply pay their respects to the entire area. The cemetery is open all year, and there is no admission fee.

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