4 unknown facts about Masjid al Khayf in Mina, Makkah

Masjid al Khayf is one of the mosques that possess the greatest Islamic history. The beautifully structured mosque is located southern Mina in close approximation to the smallest Jamarat. The mosque rests at the base of a mountain. It is one of the most frequently visited Ziyarat places in Makkah. Here are some lesser known facts about the Masjid al Khayf that would indeed be interesting to explore

01. 70 Prophets have offered prayers in Masjid al Khayf

As mentioned that the Masjid al Khayf possess the greatest Islamic history, it can be proven from some hadiths that it is the very masjid where not only Prophet PBUH has offered his prayers rather many other Prophets had used the mosque to offer virtues.

Ibn Abbas has reported that the Prophet PBUH claimed that 70 Prophets had held their prayers in this mosque.

02. Prophet Muhammad offered Fajr prayer in Masjid al Khayf during Hajj

During the Hajj, the Prophet PBUH offered his morning Salah i.e. the Fajr prayer at the Masjid al Khayf. This has been reported by one of his companions Yazeed bin Aswad.

Bin Aswad was along the Prophet PBUH during Hajj and reported that he along with the Prophet PBUH offered their morning salah at the very mosque.

03. Muslims installed their camps around Masjid al Khayf during Hajj

During an address by the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) at Mina, he instructed the Muhajireen, Ansar and the rest of Muslims to make a settlement near the Masjid al Khayf.

Abdur -Rahman bin Mu’adh (may Allah be pleased with him) revealed that the Muhajireen were asking to put up their camps just in front of the very mosque, while Ansar were asked to make settlement behind the mosque.

The rest of the Muslims were asked to set up their camps behind the camps of Ansar. (The Hadith has been reported in Abu Dawood).

04. Prophet Muhammad used to deliver sermons in Masjid al Khayf

The Holy Prophet PBUH used to deliver sermons in Masjid al Kahyf. In one of the Hadith reported in Tabraani by Abdullah bin Abbas (may Allah be pleased with him) Holy Prophet in Masjid al Khayf addressed the Muslims by first praising Allah and then delighted them by saying that those are concerned about the life of hereafter shall know that they will be blessed with worldly dependencies. Also, the world and its people shall restore humbleness for him.

Yet he PBUH warned the Muslims that those who are just focused on the worldly life shall face poverty, scattered dealings and affairs will only be granted of the world what Allah has already written in his fate.

Indeed, visiting the mosque after getting equipped with this information is a delightful visit. A person feels so blessed to offer prayer where 70 Prophets had offered prayers. The Mosque had witnessed beautiful sermons of the Holy Prophet PBUH.

Source: Life in Saudi Arabia