30 places to visit in Madinah
1. Islamic University

Islamic University was founded in 1961 as a school for higher education specializing in Islamic subjects. The students from all across the globe came here and approximately 80% of the 6000 enrolled students are international students came to learn about Islamic subjects. The University is unique and culturally diverse and boasts almost all the nationalities from all over the world.

2. Abdul Aziz Library

The Library was established in King Fahad time and considers a star building in King Faisal era. It is famous for all the old and new books on almost every topic. You can get book of your choice here and if you love reading then Abdul Aziz Library is must visit place in Madinah.

3. Saqeefa Bani Saeda

Saqeefa Bani Saeda was a shaded place in Madinah which belongs to the tribe of Bani Saeda. In this tribe famous people assembled to hatch conspiracies or plan robberies. This place is located near from the Prophet’s PBUH house.

4. Madina Library

Madinah Library is historical place that visitors must have to see. It remains open for visitors from 7 am to 9 pm. The Library was founded by Sheikh Ahmed Yasin in 1352 Hijri.

5. Old Bazar

Old Bazar is the famous Bazar, near the Masjid e Nabwi where retailers attract visitors to sell gifts and sovereign. From $ 1 to $ 1000 you can get anything you want like gifts, perfumes, tabbaruk, gold etc. old Bazar is an extremely busy and crowded but really an amazing place to visit.

6. Madinah Museum

Madinah museum is located on the right side of Masjid e Nabwi with the walking distance of 18 mins. Madinah museum is not to be missed place as an old railway station during Ottoman rule is converted to a small amazing museum. Various calligraphic work and old scripts are preserved here. The lovers of historical and calligraphic art must have to see these master pieces in Madinah museum.

7. Al Noor Mall

If you are in Madinah then it is a must see mall. A mall is two story building consisting of Panda supermarket and amazing food court and tens of trendy fashion outlets. The mall has a good selection of designers and international brands.

8. Al Rashid Mall

If you forget to bring anything from your home town don’t worry you can find it in Rashid Mall. Al Rashid Mall is the leading Mall in Madinah with large an impressive collection of brands. The food court has an extensive range of offerings from different cuisine.

9. Grave of Hazrat Aminah RA

The grave of Hazrat Bibi Aminah RA, the mother of our Holy Prophet PBUH is situated in Abwa. Pilgrims and visitor must have to visit this grave when they are in Madinah. Hazrat Bibi Aminah RA died when our beloved Prophet PBUH was just six years old.

10. Jannat ul Baqi

Jannat ul Baqi or Baqi Cemetery is located near Prophet’s Mosque where many companions of Prophet PBUH were buried. Among many of them the most preeminent are the Wives of Prophet SAW except Hazrat Khadija RA and Maymonah. Usman Bin Affan, who is buried at the end of the first Baqi known as Jish Kowkab, Ali Zain Ababideen and his son Jafar Al Sadiq and his son Ismaeel, Abdul Rahman Bin Mazaun, Safiyah Bint Abdul Mutalib, the aunt of Holy Prophet PBUH, Aqeel Bin Abi Talib and with him is his nephew Abdullah Bin Jafar, Hassan Bin Ali and his mother Fatimah RA, Othman Bin Mazaun, the first emigrant, Hazrat Abbas RA the uncle of Prophet PBUH, Ibraaheem son of the Prophet SAW, Fatimah Bin Asad the mother Ali Bin Abi Talib, Imam Malik and his teacher Sheikh Nafia are buried in Jannat ul Baqi.

11. Tomb of Salman Farsi

Mazar of Salman Farsi is located near Quba. It is the garden where Salman Farsi works when he was slave until he become independent by Prophet PBUH. Visit this place when you are in Madinah.

12. Khak e Shifa

Khak e Shifa is situated near the Salman Farsi garden so when you visit Salman Farsi Mazar visit this place also. It is called Khak e Shifa because this sand has said to be the Shifa for Muslims by Prophet PBUH.

13. Jabal e Salaa

Jabal e Salaa is the site for the battle of Ditch which was fought in 5 A.H. now there are six mosques at this place which are very famous and must visit place. Badar, the plain of Badar is 20 miles south west of Madinah where the first battle between 313 Muslims and 1000 Quraysh of Makkah took place in 624 A.D. the battle of Badar is the most important battle among the Islamic battles of Destiny.

14. Jabal e Uhud

About the 7 km on the north of Madinah, the notorious battle of Uhud was fought in 3 A.H. Jabal e Uhud is another visiting place in Madinah that must be on your list when you are there. The uncle of Prophet PBUH, Hazrat Hamza and other companions are buried here.

15. Masjid e Quba

In the history of Islam Masjid e Quba is the first ever mosque, whose foundation stone was laid down by the Prophet PBUH himself on his migration to migration Madinah. The performance of two rakahs of Nafl in masjid e Quba is equal to one Umrah.

16. Masjid e Zubab

The Prophet PBUH prayed in the Masjid e Zubab. When one gets down to Tania Al Wada on the road to Jabal e Uhud, the Jabal e Zubab is on the left side where the mosque is located.

17. Masjid e Sajdah/Masjid Al Buhayr

The Prophet PBUH offered two rakahs in this mosque and observed a long prostration. It is located between the Bustan Buhayri and Bastin Sajadah.

18. Masjid e Bani Haram

Another famous mosque in Madinah is Masjid e Bani Haram, located on the way to Masjid e Fath in the valley of Jabal Salaa on the right side. There is a cave nearby where Prophet PBUH had received a revelation and He SAW offered prayers here too.

19. Masjid Ubayy

The Prophet PBUH visited this mosque frequently. It is situated next to Baqi.

20. Masjid e Abu Bakar

Masjid e Abu Bakar is just 40 yards away from Masjid e Ghamama. Hazrat Abu Bakar RA used to live here and after his house was demolished this mosque was built at the exact same site that is why its name is Masjid Abu Bakar.

21. Masjid e Ijabah

In Masjid e Ijabah Prophet PBUH prayed too and it is to be the north of Baqi near the Bustan Saman.

22. Masjid Bani Qurayzah

It is located near the Masjid e Fadih to the east. The Prophet PBUH had camped here during the siege of the Bani Qurayzah.

23. Masjid e Baghala

Masjid e Baghala is located on the boundary of Harrah Waqim to the east of Baqi. The Banu Zafar used to live there. A stone near the masjid bears the mark of the hoof of the mare of the Allah’s Messenger PBUH.

24. Masjid Fazeekh

Masjid e Fazeekh is situated on the east of Awali. The Holy Prophet SAW had offered his prayer here at the time of siege of Bani Nadir. Fadih is the wine from dates. The mosque gets its name from the incident involving Sayyidina Ayyub Ansari and his companions while they were drinking wine. It was the time when the verse on disallowing intoxicants was revealed.

25. Masjid e Jumma

Masjid e Jumma was built at a place where the Prophet PBUH offered his first Jumma prayer when He SAW arrives in Madinah.

26 .Masjid e Fath/Masjid e Ahzab

This mosque is on the western corner of Jabal Salaa. When the skeptics had amalgamated together in the Ghazwah Ahzab and attacked Madinah then the trench was dug, the Holy Prophet PBUH made a supplication here for three days and Allah SWT granted the prayer and Muslims emerged victorious.

27. Masjid e Bilal

It is located near the date market which is adjoining to the shopping market of Masjid e Nabwi. One must have to visit the mosque and offer Nawafil there.

28. Masjid e Ghamama

The Prophet SAW used to offer his Eidain prayers here. Ghamama mean clouds, once Prophet PBUH led Istasqa prayer in it and suddenly the clouds appeared and it started raining, hence the name Ghamama.

29. Masjid e Miqat

Masjid e Miqat was constructed at a point 12 km outside the city of Madinah declared as Miqat for pilgrims.

30. Ruins of Masjid e Zarrar

The Muslims who had ties with Non-Muslims and Jews of Madinah built this mosque and all planning was done here in order to cause trouble to Muslims. To save Muslims this mosque was destroyed and burnt on the orders of Allah’s Messenger. The ruins of this mosque are still present for people to visit and learn.

Source: Travel for Umrah